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Centenary of crossing English Channel

On 25 July 1909, Louis Blériot was the first to pass a feat: crossing the English Channel by air. This adventure includes the field of aviation Issy, from 1907 to 1909. On the occasion of 100 years of crossing the English Channel by Louis Blériot, Plunge into this amazing story through a video interview of her grand-son (conducted on the occasion of the centenary of 1 km closed circuit) and a book . Louis Bleriot by issy92 Louis Blériot Did you know? Louis Blériot has continued his research in aeronautics in Issy-les-Moulineaux, on the current heliport of Paris to improve his monoplane formula. Some years before his feat on 11 .......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Aviation pioneer, Louis Blériot

We speak of an apparatus French aviation pioneer, Louis Blériot was its builder and completed its factory in Neuilly near Paris, is a monoplane that his drive was equipped with a motor of 28 hp REP had their peaks at about 60 km / h speed and a height of close to 80 meters, which was released at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Paris in 1908, although in fact it received its baptism in the air for months February 1909. The English Daily Mail newspaper, in 1908 offered a prize of 500 pounds for the first aviator to reach across the English Channel (Calais) and in 1909 took up this offer and doubled their number, 1,000 pounds, whic.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Luois Blériot, history of an obsession

Blériot began his lifelong obsession with aviation when he visited a local exhibition and saw Clement Ader's early, bat-wing shaped plane. Inspired by the strange looking craft, he began to build, test, and crash numerous planes of his own over the next nine years. Rather than follow one type of design for his planes, Blériot worked by trial and error - working first with gliders, then box-kite biplanes, and finally with monoplanes. By 1909, with his finances drained, Blériot finally produced a plane which didn't immediately crash, the Blériot XI. In a marketing ploy to increase its circulation, the "Daily Mail" newspaper of London of.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Biography of Louis Blériot

(Cambrai, France, 1872-Paris, 1936) French Aviator and engineer. Engineer by profession, was amassing a small fortune to design and sell various car accessories such as lamps and other accessories. After experimenting with sliders in 1900 designed a first prototype of an apparatus equipped with motor with a power of two horses, which successfully removed, although flight only traveled a few meters. [caption id="attachment_108" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Bleriot V january 1907"][/caption] In 1906, in partnership with other pioneers and Levavasseur Voisin, Blériot IV built a biplane much more elaborate, however, failed to ris.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

First Fly English Channel – Louis Blériot

Blog about First Fly English Channel - Louis Blériot Blériot had two rivals for the prize, both of whom failed to reach the goal. The first was Hubert Latham, a French national of English extraction. He was favored by both the United Kingdom and France to win. He had arrived first and attempted to fly across on 19 July of that year, but 10 km from the shore at Dover he developed engine trouble and was forced to make a sea landing. The other pilot, Charles de Lambert, was a Russian aristocrat with French ancestry, and one of Wilbur Wright's students. However, Lambert was injured in a major crash during a test, forcing him to quit the comp.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Genuine Bleriot to cross Channel

The collection owns a genuine Bleriot Type XI, built in 1909 by Louis Bleriot himself. The aircraft is in wholly original condition, aside from having been re-covered, and having a small main undercarriage modification; and has its original Anzani 3 cylinder motor. The aircraft has been in Shuttleworth hands since 1935 and has been maintained in flying condition since 1936, when it was flown by Richard Shuttleworth himself at the Royal Air Force Display. Since then it has appeared at many air displays both before and after the Second World War. Because of the low power and the uncertainty that the motor will continue to run for more than .......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Louis Blériot

Louis Blériot Bleriot was the first to fly a heavier -than-air aircraft across the Channel. His pioneering flight was in 1909, only 6 years after the first powered flight by the Wright brothers in the USA. He flew his monoplane from the beach west of Calais, which was re-named 'Bleriot-plage'; and landed on a hillside meadow by Dover Castle, which has since become woodland. He was born in Cambrai, and later lived in Hardelot, where he was a director of the property company developing the resort, and a keen pioneer of sandyachting in Hardelot. He went on to design many successful aircraft. [.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE