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The first to fly a biplane powered motor: Wilbur and Orville Wright

In 1903 the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright were the first to fly a biplane powered motor, the stunt, originally a short flight takes in the U.S. December 17, Kitty Hawk (North Carolina) and mark the beginning of aviation. For the first time a mind heavier than air and an explosion engine achieves an ascent flight and controlled descent. The achievement was made possible after years of testing and over a thousand thanks to their inventive efforts and skills of mechanics. Was the result of matching a motor to achieve low power and low weight and experience to capitalize on the lift and aerodinamia tested during the last decade. [caption.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Luois Blériot, history of an obsession

Blériot began his lifelong obsession with aviation when he visited a local exhibition and saw Clement Ader's early, bat-wing shaped plane. Inspired by the strange looking craft, he began to build, test, and crash numerous planes of his own over the next nine years. Rather than follow one type of design for his planes, Blériot worked by trial and error - working first with gliders, then box-kite biplanes, and finally with monoplanes. By 1909, with his finances drained, Blériot finally produced a plane which didn't immediately crash, the Blériot XI. In a marketing ploy to increase its circulation, the "Daily Mail" newspaper of London of.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Biography of Louis Blériot

(Cambrai, France, 1872-Paris, 1936) French Aviator and engineer. Engineer by profession, was amassing a small fortune to design and sell various car accessories such as lamps and other accessories. After experimenting with sliders in 1900 designed a first prototype of an apparatus equipped with motor with a power of two horses, which successfully removed, although flight only traveled a few meters. [caption id="attachment_108" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Bleriot V january 1907"][/caption] In 1906, in partnership with other pioneers and Levavasseur Voisin, Blériot IV built a biplane much more elaborate, however, failed to ris.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

The old dream of flying like the birds began to be realized in the late eighteenth century

The old dream of flying like the birds began to be realized in the late eighteenth century, thanks to the balloon of the Montgolfier brothers. Just over a century later, the man managed to fly a plane. From the time you go remote, myths and legends speak of men who flew like birds. The first flight experiment real, decisive for the development of air navigation, was the brothers Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier in June 1783. His ship was a huge balloon with passengers who reached the height of 2,000 m. The principle of the invention was simple: fire under a balloon light material. c balloon is inflated and rose, because the hot air inside w.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Louis Blériot

Louis Blériot Bleriot was the first to fly a heavier -than-air aircraft across the Channel. His pioneering flight was in 1909, only 6 years after the first powered flight by the Wright brothers in the USA. He flew his monoplane from the beach west of Calais, which was re-named 'Bleriot-plage'; and landed on a hillside meadow by Dover Castle, which has since become woodland. He was born in Cambrai, and later lived in Hardelot, where he was a director of the property company developing the resort, and a keen pioneer of sandyachting in Hardelot. He went on to design many successful aircraft. [.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE