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Bleriot XI a mythical plane

With a length of 8 meters, the fuselage of the Blériot XI was built in oak and poplar cross string piano. The wings of a scale of 7.80 meters, were structured by two massive beams. Each wing is secured by steel straps to a cabin in central steel tube, all the wings were covered with cloth. The landing gear wire gauge is equipped with shock absorbers to sandows resting on three wheels and steerable radio. The 3-cylinder engine developing 20 hp Anzani moved bladed wooden propeller Chauviére diameter of 2.08 meters In order to fly, with a weight of 300 kg, the device reached a speed of 58 km / h. Crossin.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

video Fly Bleriot Replica

On July 25 th, 2009 The aircraft in the video you are going to see will attempt to duplicate the flight Louis Bleriot made 100 years ago on the same date. The first crossing of the English Channel by an aircraft. .......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Genuine Bleriot to cross Channel

The collection owns a genuine Bleriot Type XI, built in 1909 by Louis Bleriot himself. The aircraft is in wholly original condition, aside from having been re-covered, and having a small main undercarriage modification; and has its original Anzani 3 cylinder motor. The aircraft has been in Shuttleworth hands since 1935 and has been maintained in flying condition since 1936, when it was flown by Richard Shuttleworth himself at the Royal Air Force Display. Since then it has appeared at many air displays both before and after the Second World War. Because of the low power and the uncertainty that the motor will continue to run for more than .......................... READ FULL ARTICLE