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Bleriot XI a mythical plane

With a length of 8 meters, the fuselage of the Blériot XI was built in oak and poplar cross string piano. The wings of a scale of 7.80 meters, were structured by two massive beams. Each wing is secured by steel straps to a cabin in central steel tube, all the wings were covered with cloth. The landing gear wire gauge is equipped with shock absorbers to sandows resting on three wheels and steerable radio. The 3-cylinder engine developing 20 hp Anzani moved bladed wooden propeller Chauviére diameter of 2.08 meters In order to fly, with a weight of 300 kg, the device reached a speed of 58 km / h. Crossin.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE

Luois Blériot, history of an obsession

Blériot began his lifelong obsession with aviation when he visited a local exhibition and saw Clement Ader's early, bat-wing shaped plane. Inspired by the strange looking craft, he began to build, test, and crash numerous planes of his own over the next nine years. Rather than follow one type of design for his planes, Blériot worked by trial and error - working first with gliders, then box-kite biplanes, and finally with monoplanes. By 1909, with his finances drained, Blériot finally produced a plane which didn't immediately crash, the Blériot XI. In a marketing ploy to increase its circulation, the "Daily Mail" newspaper of London of.......................... READ FULL ARTICLE