In honor of Louis Blériot

Centenary of the crossing of English Channel

On July 25 the fulfillment of a century since the French Louis Blériot crossed first achieved success with the English Channel aboard the Blériot XI, which has been restored for the exhibition opened in Paris in honor of the feat.

Bleriot-XI-sur-DoverResearch, technical and technological innovations associated with the French pilot is the main theme of the shows until October 18th organized by the Museum of Arts et Métiers, which since October 1909 has enabled the Blériot XI make the gesture.

Original objects related to the crossing and the industrial adventure of Louis Blériot (1872-1936), along with pictures and movies of the era, make up the exhibition, plus a flight simulator funded by the European consortium EADS, said the director of communication museum, Marie-Laetitia Bucchini.

Louis Blériot was able to cover the 38 kilometers separating England from mainland Europe, in response to the challenge launched by the British newspaper Daily Mail, which promised a prize of £ 1,000 who managed to pass through it.

With 37 years old when he had made the journey from Calais (France) and Dover (United Kingdom) in 37 minutes, Blériot, an engineer by profession, had already made a fortune through his business of automobile headlights, which enabled it to finance their aeronautical research.

Adventurous attitude combined with the prudence that showed a man of business, which made him “a unique figure of the time,” than his contemporaries pioneers of aviation, he said.

“His journey from English Channel marked the start of the industrialization of aviation”

The monoplane, designed by himself, can be observed in the sample to be suspended under the dome of the church museum Arts et Métiers, where he appreciates the difficulty crossing due to the fragility of the crude unit, 300 kilos of weight and only 8.5 meters long.

The structure of the Blériot XI, steel and wood, complete with curved wings, made of cloth and covered with rubber, for the design of which is believed to have sought help at the French engineer Gustave Eiffel, in addition to the propeller blade consists of two .

Created for the occasion, an aircraft flight simulator, one of the most important attractions of the exhibition, said the organization, you can observe and test the technical characteristics and the main conditions of the original pilot, and relive the experience of pilot French from the controls.

The celebrations of the centenary of the crossing of English Channel to extend the town of Cambrais (north), birthplace of Louis Blériot, which has organized several exhibitions and conferences to commemorate the saga of one of its more illustrious neighbors.

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