In honor of Louis Blériot

Centenary of crossing English Channel

On 25 July 1909, Louis Blériot was the first to pass a feat: crossing the English Channel by air. This adventure includes the field of aviation Issy, from 1907 to 1909. On the occasion of 100 years of crossing the English Channel by Louis Blériot, Plunge into this amazing story through a video interview of her grand-son (conducted on the occasion of the centenary of 1 km closed circuit) and a book .

Louis Blériot

Did you know? Louis Blériot has continued his research in aeronautics in Issy-les-Moulineaux, on the current heliport of Paris to improve his monoplane formula. Some years before his feat on 11 July 1907, at Issy, the new “mechanical bird” by Louis Blériot rises to 2m tall and flies over a thirty meter.

“There is 100 years old, Louis Blériot” (in french)

 Il y a 100 ans, Louis Blériot

Il y a 100 ans, Louis Blériot

A historical book of Henri Charpentier
As a pioneer of aeronautics, Louis Blériot, has a special place. It is said that he broke the wood. The reputation is not false, it was, in fact, fifty fall to develop his famous Blériot XI, the winner of the Channel. But what we said less, it was one of the few designers of airplanes to have increased from 1907, flights to test himself methodically different prototypes …

The City contributed to this work by tracing the performance of Louis Blériot in the territory of Issy. Because it was between 1907 and 1909, he continued, on the field of aviation Issy-les-Moulineaux, aeronautics research to improve its formula monoplane. The entire history of this fabulous french character is to discover in this book.

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